Why Choose

Omega Capital instead of the Bank

Many of our clients qualify for Bank lending and choose non-bank finance with Omega Capital. It isn’t always a Borrower’s circumstances, credit, or the quality of their property assets that steer them towards non-bank lending.

Omega Capital can look at a deal from all aspects, including:

  • The characteristics of each security property
  • The capabilities and experience of the borrower
  • The project goals
  • The consultants involved and their expertise
  • The unique market dynamics of the property/project location

These and many other deal-specific factors go into our due diligence process so we can put together a well thought through assessment and tailored lending proposal.

applying with

Omega Capital

When applying with Omega Capital you’re receiving a far more targeted and niche lending product. More and more Borrowers are recognising the value in flexible terms, quick approvals and fast settlement turnarounds when dealing with us.

You will get funding certainty when you choose Omega Capital as an alternative to your bank.

Main-stream banks usually have a long list of exclusion criteria restricting what they can offer and their ability to tailor a finance solution for you.

bank funding

versus non-bank

There are always trade-offs between bank funding versus non-bank including cost versus time, the degree of reporting and information required, responsiveness, flexibility and ease of doing business.

On most occasions, once we have all the required information, Omega Capital Property Consultant’s can have a Loan Offer presented within 7 days giving you funding certainty which is a near-impossible feat if securing finance through a mainstream bank.

Finance ranging from $400,000 to $20 million.

Funding lines with rates from 7% PA (interest only)

We work nationwide

Omega Capital can develop a property funding solution that’s right for you